Poggio Domino


Rosso dolce

Grapes variety
Primitivo 100%

Average age of the vines
About 65 years

Alberello, an Apulian head-trained system, at a density of about 4500 plants per hectare
Yield: 750 to 900 grams per plant

Harvesting and wine-making
Delayed grape harvest with a light over ripening on the plant. Grapes are picked up by hand and gently laid down into little airy crates, arriving as whole bunches at the winery. Once there, after standing for some days  in temperature and humidity controlled rooms, grapes are further selected using  an advanced sorting table. Very soft pressing.

Alcohol content
17% (potential alcohol content 21%)

A symphonic ensemble of thriving red fruits and black cherry aromas, with a variegated, harmonious succession of spices on the finish.

A supreme sweetness warms your palate with  a velvet and fine touch and hints of almond  on the finish. Not only a wine that exalts  the flavor of desserts and matches perfectly with seasoned cheese, but also – and especially – the ideal accompaniment to a more modern style of eating.

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Febbraio 7, 2020